3 Benefits of Using Charter Jet Services

Private airplane charter

Charter jet services are one of the most appealing luxuries available to high-end elites. the chances you’ve ridden on one are slim, even among families making significant amounts of money. In 2013 for example only 0.9% of respondents who came from households making more than $200,00 a year reported using private jet charters in one survey. The average price to charter a private jet then rose by 15% in 2014, from $14,841 to $17,068. Despite the significant costs it is still one of the most highly coveted forms of transportation in the world today. Here are three reason this will almost certainly always be the case.

    1.) Freedom: The flexibility and overall freedom you have when getting jet charter services is virtually unmatched. For starters, unlike traditional, commercial flights there is no set takeoff and destination times. Have your flight schedule revolve around you and not the other way around. On top of that, commercial airlines only have access to a couple hundred large airports. Charter jet services on the other hand can land at basically any one of the more than 5,000 airports of various sizes. This allows you to get exactly where you want to be, not in the nearest big city.

    2.) Convenience: The convenience of flying directly where you want to go is just one of the benefits of using charter jet services. You also get to avoid some of the most frustrating and time-consuming procedures in existence: Check-in and baggage claims. No more waiting in lines, getting violated through security protocol, or waiting around at you destination for your bags to come through. A simple verification of your identity is all you really need.

    3.) Privacy: Finally, on top of all the wonderful luxuries and efficient means associated with using chartered planes one of the most important factors to some people is the privacy you get with them. Whether your talking business, discussing trade secrets, or having an intimate conversation with a significant other you can’t effectively do so on a crowded plane with people all around you. On charter jet services it’s just you and whoever else you want to bring for the ride.

If you have the means to do so and you’re not chartering jets you need to rethink your budget.

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