3 Mistakes of Rookie Campers

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Dave Berry, author of The Only Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need poignantly explains that camping is “nature’s way of promoting the motel industry”. We suspect that Berry had a hard time the last time he “roughed it” and offer the following pieces of advice for how to most enjoy your next camping trip, all the while not looking like a complete rookie. If you don’t much have a love for sleeping outdoors, consider camping in cabins! Either way, don’t cross camping off your list just yet. There are so many reasons to love it and ways to fit in with the camping crowd like you were a pro all along! Just steer clear of the follow…
Bringing the Wrong Kid Accessories
Camping is a beautiful way to spend time with your family. Family camping is a great way to bond and try out new activities – like cooking over a fire. When you pack for your next camping trip, consider that there are some recreational items that are perfect, and there are some to leave at home. Parents, encourage your children to pack books, small toys and even stuffed animals. However, camping is really meant for unplugging so leave the iPad at home! Your family should take a break from TV and video games and really enjoy nature.
Leaving a Dirty Campsite
So, you’ve had a blast of a weekend and you are ready to leave the camp grounds and return to your lovely home? Be sure to clean up after yourself! Whether you are camping in cabins or camping in a tent, your campgrounds is not a Motel 6. You should practice the carry-in, carry-out policy so that everything you brought leaves with you. Otherwise, you are just a litterbug.
Quitting After the First Try
Most campers camp around five times per year. If you have a bad experience the first time, try again! If you went camping in Ohio the first time and hit an awful storm, try camping in Texas where it’s more dry. The bottom line is that there are camp sites to fit everyones needs, you just have to find what works for you.
Between 2010 and 2012, 3 million people jumped on the camping bandwagon. You aren’t the only rookie camping family! You can wear that badge proud as long as you agree to follow the steps below that support being a kind, respectful friend to nature and having an open mind.

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