Want to Fast Track That Work Promotion? Take a Vacation and Come Back Twice as Productive

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Although Americans spend more than $50 billion every year on airline tickets, recent studies show that most of us rarely take a day off from work. Among salaried workers who earn more than 10 days of vacation every year, only about 25% actually take all of their vacation days. What do we gain by skipping vacation plans? Our stress levels continue to rise, the instance of heart disease continues to rise, and our productivity levels at work continue to decline.

Recent trends in relaxation therapy indicate that taking vacations can actually help us problem-solve and become more productive at work. An activity as simple as coloring — yes, we know that it’s for kids — can help lower stress levels in the parts of the brain that quickly get overloaded. Taking the time to relax daily can help reduce stress, but taking an extended vacation getaway can help overburdened Americans find the tranquility they need to be productive and creative at work.

Every beautiful part of the world has vacation rentals: they may fill up quickly, so travelers are advised to start looking well in advance of their vacation dates. There are all inclusive vacation packages available to any part of the world, and while most people prefer warm climates, there are some resorts that cater to people who prefer to relax in colder climates. In fact, there are entire hotels made from ice that allow their guests to sleep in fur blankets on beds carved from blocks of ice.

But if you’re going to take a true vacation, why not look for a warm and friendly destination? There are villas for rent near every major resort, where travelers can rent an apartment or small house for several weeks at a time. Local tour companies can still help travelers figure out a pleasing itinerary: some people prefer to bask in the sun for days at a time, while others want to try local restaurants and tour historical sites, like churches, forts, and museums.

The most important part of any vacation is being able to do exactly what you want to do. If you tend to relax outdoors at home in the back yard by swimming or gardening, take some time on vacation to go swimming and to learn about local plants. Making memories on vacation can be as simple as talking to the locals, trying different food, and taking pictures. Stuck on a problem at work? Set aside a few minutes to work on it every day, but force yourself to put it down after half an hour and then take a walk around town.

Looking at problems from different angles and forcing yourself to be creative can help solve any problem, but relaxing at sunny, friendly beaches and finding perfect vacation rentals can also go a long way toward improving happiness and satisfaction levels. People with stressful jobs may not realize that their vacation rentals may offer the same amenities as luxury resorts: horseback riding, hiking, or spa and concierge services are often available to travelers as part of vacation rentals’ packages.

The world is wide open, and there is such an enticing range of beautiful vacation destinations that take just a few hours to reach by airplane. Taking the time to take time off from work is important, and having the luxury of thinking problems over while watching a beautiful sunset? Vacations could boost productivity levels so much that your job will wonder how you got so good at solving problems: just don’t tell them that you do your best thinking under the palm trees, next to a beach, under the stars.

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