Planning Your Next Vacation? Consider Camping!


After the long winter ends and summer begins, when the kids are out of school and the weather gets warm and sunny, chances are you’ll be itching to take a fun family getaway. If you’ve already begun planning this summer’s vacation, congratulations! You are ahead of the game! Even though the snow may still be on the ground, this is the perfect time to get your trip planned out and set in stone.

If you are seeking some adventure this summer, why not consider vacationing at a campground? Whether you prefer to “rough it” in a tent or have the convenience of a cabin, there are many campgrounds – both local and far away – that can offer you the exciting outdoor adventure that you and your family have always dreamed of.

If you’ve never experienced camping before, it is not unusual to feel a little reluctant. Sleeping outdoors, spending time in the woods, and being away from electronics can seem daunting for some who love the conveniences of hotels and resorts. However, first-time campers should take comfort in this fact – they would certainly not be alone! In fact, one of the most popular types of family vacations for Americans are family camping trips. In 2011 alone, Americans spent an impressive 534.9 million days camping. That’s a lot of outdoor fun!

Worried that the kids might get bored with no T.V. or tablet to entertain them? Think again! Great campgrounds all over the U.S. are filled with beautiful sights and fun outdoor activities to participate in. Most campers (87% of them) participate in multiple activities while on their camping vacation. The most popular camping activity? Hiking! 92% of campers reported that they enjoyed this active and adventurous activity while on their camping trip.

So, if you are beginning to plan out a fun family summer vacation, look no further than a camping adventure! With plenty of nature and outdoor activities to discover, you and your family are sure to have a vacation that you will never forget!

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