How a Horse Drawn Carriage Can Help You Rediscover Magic

Horse and buggy ride

Everyone wants to live a fairy tale. Not everyone will admit that of course, but there are magical moments in real life that can be happened upon, and when they are discovered, if that person experiencing the magic is paying attention, there is the possibility for recognizing a real life fairy tale moment. The problem is, most people are too busy to notice such moments. Life can be beautiful and magical, but chances are, if you are among the typical types within society, life can also be too hectic and hurried for you to make a habit of looking for those bits of magic, particularly if you are in the city that never sleeps.

Finding time for magic in New York

New York, one of the busiest, most popular and most flocked to cities on the planet, has its own brand of magic that most people will admit to noticing. But most do not bother to delve in to just how beautiful it can truly be. The inherent magic of the city often has to do with the chaos, the nonstop buzz and excitement, the incredible mix of so many cultures and types of people, the intrepid presence of the city itself. But sometimes you need to take a step back. To allow things to slow down just a bit, and really revel in both the simple and the grandeur. Takinga lovely horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park could be the perfect solution.

Finding the peace in the chaos

Central Park, the green oasis right in the heart of the towering city made of concrete and brick and metal and glass, stretches across a total of 843 acres, two and a half miles long and half a mile wide. It is big enough that you are able to escape the bustle of the big city, but located so centrally that you can still admire the glittering metropolis, simply set a bit apart. Taking a horse drawn carriage through the park not only allows you to see more of it during the leisurely 40 minute ride, but it brings that touch of magic to the forefront. Yes, there was a time when horse drawn carriage was the norm, the main means of transportation. But we have developed so wholly away from that. And to voluntarily take that step back to simplicity is where that hint of fairy tale resides.

Your fairy tale stagecoach ride

So maybe you are able to identify with the feeling of peace and simplicity when you think of a horse drawn carriage ride, but you are not quite sure where the fairy tale magic comes from. The solution is quite simple. Go find out for yourself. Connecting with that peace and simplicity in such a major metropolitan area, tucked into a carriage meandering through a park will ignite something within you if you are open to feeling it. And that magic, reminiscent of a fairy tale, will reveal itself particularly if you are tucked into that carriage with someone special, but just as significantly if you are doing some solo soul searching.

Every year, about 42 million visitors make their way to Central Park. It is open all year round for your meandering, explorative, or carriage riding pleasure, and it stays open for most of the day. For just five hours, between the early hours of 1 o’clock in the morning and 6 o’clock, does it close its gates. So if you are feeling overwhelmed with the chaos of the city and the general nonstop bustle of life, find your way to that green oasis stretched through the heart of the Big Apple. Central Park carriages are a perfect way to escape, unwind, and connect with another person or with something you forgot that you carried within you.

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